La Biennale die Venezia - Essence- Amphibian Spaces


National Participation of Plurinational State of Bolivia                                                                                                                                                                                                               

La Biennale die Venezia                                                                                                   

Commissioner José Bedoya                                                                               

Curators José Bedoya / Juan Fabbri / Gabriele Romeo                                                                            

Artists Jannis Markopoulos / José Ballivián / Sol Mateo

General Concept Essence

The conflicts of the 21st century is indisputably a reflection of the deep crisis of humanism and consequently of the concepts that have sustained the current civilizing paradigm dominated by modern thought and positivism; two forms of thought that by splitting life and knowledge in isolated spheres have ended up establishing insurmountable asymmetries in the development of the different areas of human activity and existence.It is in this context, as a result of an exercise of introspection, that humanity seeks to return to the essence, to the starting point that characterizes us as humans, to propose from there alternatives for future life on the planet. Art, in its essence, stripped of centralism and the preconceptions of modernity, has become a dynamic space, reflective and rich in multiplicity of visions, from where human beings can dialogue and build mutual knowledge; a space devoid of cultural, political, social or economic frontiers, in which all knowledge converges to rescue humanism.

 Amphibian Spaces

Amphibian Spaces are the descendants of the sublime rooms which, successfully colonize terrestrial environments.

The Installation provides a synthesis of current research on the ecological and environmental physiology of Amphibian Spaces, with a particular emphasis on metabolic and metamorphosis balance strategies associated with the range of habitats.

The topics include the suite of morphological, physiological, and behavioural adaptions associated with specific Objects and Sculptures, and the use of systematics in elucidating patterns of evolutionary changes.