La Biennale die Venezia - Essence- Amphibian Spaces

13-05 – 26-11-17
Venezia, Italy

Amphibian Spaces

Amphibian Spaces are the descendants of the sublime rooms which, successfully colonize terrestrial environments.

The Installation provides a synthesis of current research on the ecological and environmental physiology of Amphibian Spaces, with a particular emphasis on metabolic and metamorphosis balance strategies associated with the range of habitats.

The topics include the suite of morphological, physiological, and behavioural adaptions associated with specific Objects and Sculptures, and the use of systematics in elucidating patterns of evolutionary changes.

Lyrical Flights Zollverein Essen

28-10 – 25-11-16
Essen, Germany


11-10 – 11-11-16
LA PAZ, Bolivia

Air Visible Midsummer Night's Dream

30-10 – 30-11-15
Essen Hall A8 Zollverein, Germany

The individual molecules, mostly N2 and O2, as also Pneuma and Breath are far beyond our visual resolution.

The molecules have size on the order of 10^-9 m, and the smallest thing we can see is more than a thousand times bigger than that.

A bunch of molecules together in a gas, you can see them by the effect they have on light coming through them.

Any time you see a vibration, you are seeing sound.

Photons have no physical size and so nothing is smaller than them.

Magic Form

20-09 – 26-10-14
Posnan Mediations Biennale, Poland

Form and shape are areas or masses which define objects in space. Form and shape imply space; indeed they cannot exist without space. Three dimensional shape form and shape can also be described as either organic or geometric.

Landschaften im Dialog Kunstahalle Osnabrück

25-10 – 26-01-14
Osnabrück, Germany

Goodbye Paradies

Bienal Internacional De Arte Bolivia 2013 Infected Artitis

14-10 – 16-11-13
La Paz, Bolivia

Infected Artitis

Oktava Version

Recycling the Crisis

15-07 – 30-08-13
Berlin,Athen,Ephesus, Germany

Construction by Deconstruction

01-12 – 27-12-12
Berlin, Germany

Tempus Arti 2012

Landen, Belgium

A strong focus in the Tempus Arti 2012 are the pure aesthetics
Points to the investigation are:
The existence of the objects starting from nothing.
The forms with and without action
If beauty is a matter of size and order (Aristotle, Poetics, 1450b37)
Are beautiful things mere replicas of Beauty itself ? (Plato)
Is Symbolism a tool to give meaning to artworks ?


23-07 – 05-08-08
SEOUL, South Korea

 Are wonders part of the nature?Only a miracle – a divine suspension of natural laws – can in principle break this order.
Property of things: What makes a thing a marvelous item?

Jelly and Sugar

14-03 – 16-04-04
Madrid, Spain

The work represents a new creature with an independent life.  On the scaffolding—a spinal column suggesting the life we live today—is cast the flexible material jelly.  The unpredictable but joy-bringing substance projects a life comprised of a progressive spirit, an efficient will and independent morals.  As with any new form there arise new values.  The form of new energy enters the competition of survival among material objects.  Along with other existing objects the species has arrived in a chain of Darwinian selection, chosen for this moment and providing hope for this time.  It passes its genetic blueprint to its progeny, and through competition with other art works is part of a process that results in cultural peaks.
 Pleonastic art feeds itself from plentitude and the material goods of life.  It eats from abundance and is driven by greed: greed for sweets.  Sugar is a time bomb.  The time bomb is ticking into the future of our lives, and we are becoming sweeter and sweeter at present.  Out kidneys attempt to exhaust the high level of sugar in our blood to rid our selves of it.  Our bodies are tired; diabetes is inside us.
    Art diabetes enters the body.  Our blood vessels, including the very fine blood vessels in our eyes, receive too much insulin.  If we see bad art, a layer of eye skin is destroyed from the seeing, and our metabolism is at once damaged; the metabolism fails in the pepsis of heavy art; a poor circulation degenerates our minds in this recording of art with no philosophic basis.  Further consideration of this abundance art in fact disturbs the sexuality.


Berlin, Germany

This branch of philosophy deals with the principles of beauty and artistic taste and in general with the perception of it. In a further step it deals with the essence of art – the artwork, the artistic production, the experience and reception of art – as well as the meaning of art in social human world and the relationship between art and reality.

Vitalism  An often elusive doctrine, ultimately inspired by Aristotle, which holds that the phenomenon of life cannot be fully explained in purely material terms, but that it is something non-material in living organisms that differentiates them from inanimate bodies. Following the considerable advances in biological science in the 19th century, vitalists opposed the doctrine of “mechanism”, which claimed that the activities that characterize all living things can be accounted for in terms of physico-chemical processes. Such activities were understood as due to entelechies defined as autonomous, mind like, non-spatial entities that exercise control over the course of organic process.  

Italian Embassy

17-03 – 30-04-98
Berlin Italian Embassy, Germany

The installation consisted of life-sized glowing latex horses hanging before the facade of the Italian Embassy in Berlin in 1998.  The villa was then under reconstruction.  During the day the house was visible in all its imperfect run-down state.  But at night the glowing horses transformed the site into a romantic and unreal stage.  The soft light from the horses was reflected in the warm reds of the facade, encircling the house with a gentle glow.

The installation was intended to provide an appropriate imaginative stage for the Embassy’s “awakening” from dormancy and reconstruction.  The horse, with its still potent mythology dating from antiquity, served as a code of strength and grace and forward movement.  The taut binding ropes naturally led one’s imagination forward to the moment of release.  The lightning, a combination of red, rotating emergency – vehicle flashes, periodic bursts of white light and constant rays, caused objects to appear flat or plastic according to the intensity or angle of reflection.  Radiance from the horses themselves played on classical Western themes of truth and science; however, a confrontation of natural and artificial light lent the historical objects a plastic or ambiguously interpreted impression.

Dorotheenstreet 105 The Binding

18-06 – 20-08-96
Berlin Dorotheenstreet 105 , Germany

To set the building in an additional movement.

In this instance the impulse is upwards.

The entire building project of the Dorotheenstraße area is included

The Binding

04-05 – 12-08-95
Zakynthos, Greece

Art Athens 3

27-03 – 01-04-95
Athens, Greece

Zwischen Mensch und Tier

10-04 – 15-05-94
Berlin, Germany

On a table,glass jars containing deformed humans as well as deformed animals.

Pigments of color served on plates.the dining table as an operation table.


13-06 – 14-06-93
Berlin, Germany

24 hours Performance.

A Living Picture in the Elephant House of the Zoological Garden Berlin

The Transcender

15-04 – 19-04-93
Berlin , Germany

The air-filled balloon is a symbol for Lung=Breath in a permanent space.

Energy Center and a Thing in one.

A monadic entelechy.


02-03 – 17-03-92
Berlin, Germany


09-02 – 18-03-91
Athens, Greece

The last stage in the proces from potentiality to reality,is what the formfrom which substance developes.

Entelechy is something real,not a physical or psychological reality,but rather a metaphysical one.

The actual aplication of Entelechy could also be called energy.