When the visitor enters the installation he finds himself in an inner room. It is a cul de sac and at the horizon a brightly shining moon illuminates the scenery. Its shimmering light is reflected on the artificial sea just below. The water covers half of the room and one finds himself standing on its sandy shore.In the sea lie some miniature islands some of them are fixed, the others are able to swim. Apart from two miniature trees which have the size of Bonsai several small transparent boxes in a row are attached to the island. They are connected with strings and in the inside each box carries a tiny light. Therefore one can make out objects of living or living space within. These boxes remind the beholder of boats fishing together.At the horizon another tree is visible. It has no island or anything else to hold on to and grows directly out of the water.Apart from the moon and the tiny lights on the boats the room is dark.

Liverpool Biennial 2004


500 x 200 x 600 cm
197 x 79 x 236 in